Future Workforce

In collaboration with Microsoft and Gensler, we launched an interactive qualitative study on the future workforce. Drawing from our proprietary network of youth, we gathered 110 x 16-20 year olds from 60 countries and 12 US States to participate virtually in two think tanks. The direct insights of youth are a critical component of a larger program looking at the Future of Work. The unique style of the study not only provided over 6000 insights through visuals, comments, debates, drawings, dialogue, but also the revelations have been game-changing. In addition, the unique engagement facilitated has built a network of young brand ambassadors and a new perspective for youth on Microsoft as a leader in the future.

Next Gen Insights - Qualitative Study - Click here to learn more about our unique studies.

Destinations and Travel Brand Marketing

International Connector created the “Your Big Year” competition and USA adventure as a comprehensive program for destination and travel brands to market to 16-25 year olds. Partners in the program included 15 US destinations and HotelTonight, World Nomads, Virgin Hotels, Patria, Student Youth Travel Association and many more. Each brand was showcased through an on the road social campaign, as well as through 10 episode released post trip. Not only were the youth exposed to immersive experiences in each of the destinations, but also, they became influencers for their peers bringing inbound content to authentically share their experiences with the different partner brands.

Experiential Marketing / Integrated Marketing

Reconnecting Puerto Rico

With Viasat and JetBlue as partners, we developed Innovative Resilience program to address the digital gap in Puerto Rico. We focused on socially isolated communities without reliable access to the Internet with a goal to spark sustainable community development on a path to a resilient future. The program has brought vital satellite connectivity, technology and training to communities, while also providing Viasat with critical employee engagement opportunities. In addition, the project has become a showcase piece for partnership development authentically displaying their core values in action. Click here to watch Viasat’s video about the project.

Impact Marketing


And Many More…

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