Our signature work virtually brings together young innovative and creative minds from our global network to ideate, problem-solve, co-design and develop new solutions for the future of work and for social activism causes.


Crowdsourcing insights

We uniquely engage young innovators worldwide in our design and creative development process. The game-changing ideas from from all parts of the globe and allow us to truly find an authentic, game-changing framework or program. For Athens, we applied this methodology to attract a new generation of travelers to support their key industry during an economic crisis.


Interactive Research

Instead of standard research tools, we create unique interactive forums for gathering insights and qualitative research. Our results are stronger because we are working in a way that engages younger generations. For Institute for the Future, we brought together 17-25 year olds from 30+ countries through our unique global virtual think tanks to provide Gen Z insights into mega trends for the Ten-year Forecast and Future of Food.


Leadership Training

It’s one thing for a company to read about the future workforce, it is another to experience it and its impact on your business today. Every week, we are working with leadership teams to shift the way you approach your business.


Immersive Learning

San Francisco provides an unique opportunity to see, feel and experience innovation on an entirely new level. From youth groups to corporate leadership teams, we change the way you work and influence your future strategy through meetings, presentations, workshops, networking with the best of the Bay Area has to offer in tech, startups, social impact and innovation.


Future Workforce

With younger generations leading the way on technology adoption and new communication styles, it is vital for any organization to work with their young workforce at the highest levels. We work to create intergenerational communications and younger workforce reverse mentorship programs. From video interviews with youth globally or interactive employee design forums, we can transform the future strategy of a company.


Building Eco-Systems

Successful programs and policies do not live in silos. We work to develop cross-sector eco-systems to create new opportunities, new programs and new approaches. For International Experience Canada, a Canadian government program, we designed an online event and forum to bring together industry leaders and Millennials in over 28 countries to gather insights, ideas, support and ultimately, a network to build the new government program.


Closing Digital Divide

Our work is not only with corporations, but we also go to the most needed communities to support the development of 21st century skill training and connectivity. Through our Innovative Resilience program, we have opened new community-led innovation centers to help communities in Puerto Rico redevelop post-disaster. Innovative Resilience

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Your Big Year

Your Big Year is activating young adults to "discover their big year” through experiences and travel. 4 young travelers won 4 weeks around the US, airing the adventure on social to our Millennials and GenZs audience. The program has previously run 3 times globally with over 100,000 participants across 190 countries, 20Million social reach and over 200+ press mentions/articles.


In Good Company