Building market leaders for the next generation

The future of work is here and the needs of the younger workforce are shifting the way we do business today. Dive into our Next Generation Methodology to shape your company for the future workforce.



Building the Next Generation Leaders

Your Big Year has inspired over 100,000 young leaders worldwide. Our program builds essential 21st century skills such as empathy, independence, cultural understanding and creative thinking. Your Big Year Episodes Are Live on YouTube and Facebook.



Building Resilient Communities

Innovative Resilience is open in Puerto Rico. Innovative Resilience sparks sustainable economic development through community innovation hubs. Our collaborative framework provides connectivity, technology and training to launch overlooked and at risk communities on a path to a resilient future.


IC has the pulse of the Millennial generation and shows time and time again they can provide a direct line for companies to tap into the thoughts and ideas of this generation.
— Ryan Hevern, Millennial Catalyst

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