Our network of young innovators spans 190 countries and provide businesses with consumer insights, brand perception, and foresight. We engage 16-30 year olds through collaborative, immersive, visual forums:


We are known for our interactive, immersive brand promotion campaigns.
We bring brands to life so consumers and employees
can live, feel, and experience them.


We also bring corporations into global markets developing new
CSR programs focused on access to connectivity and technology.


Why do we have the most engaged and creative network
of 16-30 year olds worldwide?
We invest resources and time into developing their 21st century skills and
by opening opportunities for youth from any background.


IC has the pulse of the Millennial generation and shows time and time again they can provide a direct line for companies to tap into the thoughts and ideas of this generation.
— Ryan Hevern, Millennial Catalyst

For a more complete list, please check out our Portfolio page and our Workshops page.