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Millennials are changing expectations of the workplace today.  We offer an unique framework to develop solutions for attraction, retention, succession and intergenerational challenges. 

Whether you are preparing for a pitch or developing a new product, we can provide you unfiltered, raw reactions from Millennial/GenZ influencers worldwide.

Millennials/GenZs require new innovative approaches in order to attract their attention.  We develop customized interactive experiences to engage the consumer of today.


Human Resources - Tourism - Government/NGOs - Consumer Products

selection of companies who have engaged our millennials

The raw and honest feedback was essential in our development process.
— Peter Gartner
Marti is the creative thinker of our time.
— Michelle Stern
International Connector has their pulse on the Millennial generation, and shows time and time again they can provide a direct line for companies to tap into the thoughts and ideas of this generation.
— Ryan Hevern