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We engage 16-30 year olds through collaborative,
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A “virtual whiteboard” is a virtual space similar to a blank canvas. As with a traditional whiteboard, anything can be written, drawn, or posted on the virtual space. To provide structure for the study, IC adds a professionally designs background, graphics, and questions. Introducing design elements helps guide study participants through the research questions, prompting the youth for answers, comments, replies, and other contributions. In addition, IC develops an interactive story around the design that takes the participants on a creative, interactive journey. This type of experiential adventure further engages participants and produced better, more thoughtful results.

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Interactions between participants

While collecting data, interactivity between participants has proven to be very important. Our board provides the tools for youth to:

  • Answer questions and prompts and have those answers be seen by the other participants

  • Engage with other youth regarding their answers, thereby creating a dialogue that deepens the discussion and allows ideas to be challenged and fleshed out

  • Post videos, photos, graphics, and other creative methods of answering prompts

  • Reference prompts on the board which kept the youth’s contributions relevant while still giving them flexibility to be creative.

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Visual and Multi-media Responses

Not only do we gain responses through text, dialogue and debate, but we also gain unique and critical visual responses. Our virtual board provides youth with the ability to answer in a multitude of ways with visuals, photos, mind maps, graphics, drawings, video, links, design shapes, colors, audio recordings, etc. The creative freedom for the participants allowed International Connector to receive unique responses and inspired creativity and depth in the participants’ feedback.


Benefits to our Think Tank Methodology

  • Significant Increased levels of interaction between participants compared to typical qualitative research surveys.

  • Participants were inspired to write more detail after viewing responses from others.

  • Participants typically contributed to the virtual whiteboards once or twice per day, with the most ambitious spending over 15 hours in total, making 350 contributions or more in each think tank.

  • Participants could dialogue on the virtual whiteboards, asking for clarification and more detail.

  • In-depth discussion threads on relevant topics emerged.

  • Discussion threads have previously contained over 50 comments and replies, ensuring that the youths’ ideas were thoughtful and defensible.

  • Youth posted pictures, mind maps, videos, links, drawings, audio recordings, comments, replies, formatted text, and more to their responses.

  • The board reflects characteristics of the generation we are targeting and provides a learning experience for the client to experience what the future generation seeks.

  • The board provides a space for different types of thinkers/learners to express themselves (i.e., visual communicators had the freedom to express themselves via the virtual whiteboard; verbal communicators had the tools and opportunities to express themselves via the virtual whiteboard, video group calls, and chat boxes.)

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