A qualified Millennial?


Straight from the mouths of Millennials, we are here to explore the #MeToo movement and the pervasive topic of sexual harassment. Topics include the power of hashtags, #ibelieveyou #nomore #howiwillchange and role young men have to play in this discussion. On this episode, Marti Grimminck, founder and CEO of International Connector is joined by a diverse group of Millennial women to speak about the massive impact of this movement on the “global sisterhood.” Guests include Hellem from Brazil, Sudha & Shilpa from Nepal, and Lydia from San Francisco.

#MeToo and Millennials worldwide - Part 1

What does it mean to be qualified in the job search world?

This episode seeks to address the hurdles and advantages young people have as they search for work, taking the listener through the challenges of the Millennial job search. We sit down with two Millennials in different stages of their career life cycle to learn more. A former global tour guide from the US, Sara returns to our podcast to share takeaways about the her job hunting experience. Meanwhile, Giles, a marketing and PR consultant from South Africa, offers his insights about what companies are looking for in a new hire.

IC Podcast Episode 1: Millennial Career Paths

Career paths and Youth today

Why should we care about the Millennial perspective on career paths? Well, as it stands, more than 100 million new startups are born every year, and by 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be comprised of Millennials. On this episode, Marti is joined by three amazing Millennials on a discussion about the youth perspectives on work, the career paths are taking, and what success means to them. Tune in to hear insights on the future of work from Natalia of Brazil, Sara of the United States, and Lida-Maria of Germany.