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Jaimie Hogan,


Jaimie Hogan is a Product Manager within the Commercial Air business segment at Viasat. Engaged as the Passenger Experience/Portals Product Manager, Jaimie defines and communicates the product vision, strategy and roadmap that aligns with overall business goals, meets customer needs, and contributes to achieving key performance measures. A key success of Jaimie’s role as Product manager has been developing quarterly product roadmaps that align with stakeholder & customer expectations by actively engaging with external customers to understand their needs and how they can best be served through product capabilities while monitoring market, competitive, and technology trends and capabilities to shape strategy and roadmaps. During Jaimie’s tenure at Viasat, she has played an integral role at Viasat in launching IFC and wIFE service on several airlines including the American Airlines fleet.


Susan Doniz,


Susan Doniz is the Group CIO for Qantas Group. She has had a long career leading technology, digital and product across various global firms. She has been a board director of Not for Profit, private and publicly traded companies from Retailers, Payments, Hospitals, Health Care, Universities and Tech startups. She has advised Fortune 500 companies as well as private equity and accelerators. Previously as a Chief Expert at SAP– a 40B$ technology company- in the Office of the Global CEO, she served as a strategic advisor on transformation and technology to SAP Global CEO’s largest and most strategic customers such as Coach CEO, Nike COO, Mars CFO, Coca Cola, Carrefour CEO.


Sarah Kruger,


Sarah Kruger is a Managing Director for Accenture and was recently appointed as Human Resources Director for Accenture, Australia and New Zealand. Before joining HR, she led the Talent and Organisation Practice for Accenture’s Financial Services Business in Australia and the Global Change Analytics Practice. Through Business Engagement, Co-Creation, analytics-based Change Management and bite sized learning and enablement, she has supported her clients to transform. Within the Financial Services business she also has accountability for people engagement activities as well as Inclusion and Diversity.


Victoria Denholm,

NSW Treasury

In her current role Victoria Denholm supports NSW’s trade and investment agenda across the USA, UK and Europe. Prior to joining the NSW government, Victoria worked across business development and strategy roles for Sydney-based technology start-ups Sportility and Simple KYC. Victoria relocated to Sydney in February 2018. She was previously based in San Francisco, California working with the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade). At Austrade, Victoria led initiatives across disruptive technology, cyber security, and sports technology to support the trade and investment relationship between the US and Australia.

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Anna Buber - Farovich,


In a world of disruption, creative thinking is key to success. I honestly believe it’s not about what you ‘have’, or ‘don’t have’, it’s about how you use it. Never has this been more true for HR – we must challenge status quo practices and thinking to drive those critical performance gains.