IC is Seeking to Hire a Community Manager



Are you social and energetic? Passionate about making a difference in the world? Creative in problem-solving and relationship-building?  Enter our dream Community Manager - to lead the most dynamic group of 18-30 year olds from 50 countries.

Our San Francisco based company is looking for an enthusiastic young leader to focus on creating and growing our community, activating our members in the company’s brand or cause, and developing new ideas to further showcase our youth. As our community is based worldwide, our Community Manager has the opportunity to work remotely. You will primarily communicate and coordinate via social media, video conferencing and email.

Please note: This is a part-time position with the possibility to transition into full time.


•Support: Respond to emails and support issues promptly.

•Coordinate collection and maintenance of materials.

•Develop programming and new initiatives.

•Drive communications between “headquarters” and the community.

•Drive advocacy and facilitate conversations within our community, which includes people across Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Instagram, Realtimeboard and Slack.

•Recruit and onboard new members as well as developing strong relationships with partner youth companies.

•Monitor social media channels, initiate conversations with and respond to community comments referencing established brand and community guidelines within a timely manner.

•Drive social media for company based on the achievements, developments and ideas from our global community.

•Write blog posts about the community.

•Curate methods for engaging youth.

Desired Skills & Experience:

•Excellent verbal and communication skills - you have a way with words and a genuine voice.

•Previous experience with communications a plus.

•Curious - You’re innovative, extremely creative and constantly looking for ways to improve.

•Detail-oriented with the ability to set priorities and be flexible in a changing environment.

•Process-oriented - you have experience building and adopting internal processes, optimizing for efficiency and simplicity.

•Team player both on and off the court - you enjoy building relationships and talking to interesting, intelligent people.

•Believe in our vision and culture deeply - A passion for learning and excitement for disrupting business as we’re used to today.

•Entrepreneurial spirit with a positive outlook.

•Global Mindset - strong desire to learn and understand other cultures.

Interested? Please reach out to us at info@internationalconnector.com

We look forward to hearing from you!


Ondemand Disrupts Tourism


It’s not new news that the face of the tourism, travel and hospitality industries are changing due to technological advancements, global connectivity and a generation ready to embrace it.  But let's break this down. Tourism is already being transformed by:  (1) The emerging new traveler,  (2) The excess capacity market (i.e. open rooms, seats), and  (3) A mentality of "can I get it now" (on my mobile).    The convergence of these three factors is where the next wave of disruption is already revolutionizing the tourism industry.   Why not take a last minute trip when I know I can get a top rated, amazing place to stay today on HotelTonight?   Why worry about missing my favorite event when I can get better tickets on the day through Stubhub?  GetAround, DogVacay, Outdoorsy... the list goes on and on. Yet, the list stops in certain key areas of the industry like air flights and tours.   A lot of travel planning doesn't consider the effects of this new traveler with short attention span and a desire for spontaneity. With a 47% increase in travel by today's youth (UNWTO), it’s time to understand early adopter preferences and their thoughts.   The new traveler has emerged with preferences and needs that are fluid due to constant new influences. Whether it is Airbnb disrupting the hotel industry or Uber innovating ground transport, traditional formats of business are being challenged each day.   There is one lesson that can be applied from the sharing-economy: If you don’t provide it, some one else will and your business will quickly become irrelevant.   Find the opportunity for your business a leader in the new economy.

Millennials, GenZs and the Marketplace


What do you do in a day?   

You make coffee from a Nespresso, hop an Uber to a presentation at a co-working space.  On route, you log onto Google Hangouts for your first meeting of the day. When it’s over you order your groceries on Instacart, listen to music on Spotify to get psyched for the concert tonight that your mate just bought tickets for on Stubhub.  While you pay them back on Venmo, you post your latest pose on Instagram.  Inspired by your friend’s photos, you Snapchat your partner that you just booked a weekend getaway on HotelTonight and ask them to book a GetAround car for the trip…oh, and don’t forget to make a reservation on OpenTable for Sat night.


And this is only the tip of the iceberg.  We have adopted many of these practices into our daily lives, yet we still think our workplace is so sacred that it is business as usual.


At Intl Connector, we ask, what is the next disruption?


On Sunday, the NY Times article highlighted the differences between Millennials and Generation Z pointing towards digital as being the primary source of the differences.  As we have seen through our work, the youth today are not slowing down.  The differences in their perspective, needs, wants are further skewed from Boomers, from Gen Xers.  They are globally connected, they are socially conscious in a new way.


Having had a long career in marketing and creating new products, I am often looked upon to come up with the great new idea.  I strive to be a good trend surfer, but yet, Ideas are changing each day… literally each day, and it is accelerating.   I’ve learned three important rules from campaigns towards youth that have run soft:

1. As soon as a survey is finished, it is stale and out of date - Research will always have its place, but it can no longer stand alone. Youth are changing the rules too fast and you need to find new ways to stay on top of their preferences. This doesn't mean that you should react to each new trend.  This means you need to talk to them along the way.

2. If you are too comfortable using your box of tools, you are clearly behind - Every time I rely on the same outreach tools, I find that I'm no longer reaching youth.  As the preferences and references change, so must the marketing.

3. Effective ideas are not formulated in isolation in an office - Creatives and strategist have always relied on research and opinions to create their ideas.  Youth today are globally connected and influenced by ideas worldwide.  In order to create an effective campaign, product, or idea in these moving times, you need to draw from all the same influences.


So why do I search the world for incredible talent, disrupters and critical thinkers?  I need these Millennials, these GenZs in the conversation with me every day to ideate, to co-design, to solve that pressing challenge.  Most importantly, I need their perspective – it’s collectively unique and it’s never what I guess it will be.  With the global team of Catalysts, I’m ready for the shifts, the fluidity of business today and the ever-changing landscape.


Are you?