Hear the Youth Voice on the future of the Internet

Live from the Connect to Thrive Conference, International Connector is getting Millennials/GenZs to speak on the internet for People Centered Internet #ConnetToThrive Summit

"The internet truly has demonstrated a massive leverage resource to create change." Aniqah Zee #Canada

"During earthquake in Nepal, our generation used internet in best way to help each other." Sudha Subedi #Nepal

"Just a few minutes on the internet gave us the knowledge we needed to build some great community locally, and also help an even larger group of people across the world!" Kees Preston #USA

"The internet allows millennials to be more aware in decision-making. With this, everyone can make more informed decisions for a better world globally." Raul Kim #USA #Malaysia

"The internet was part of what helped me choose my current job. It fed me with information and made me successful." Anne Andrew#PapuaNewGuinea

"The level of global solidarity and facilitation of transnational flows of information, services, and political pressure would never be possible without the internet and has thoroughly shaped my own life course and work." Max Seunik#Uganda #Canada #China 

"The Internet allows me to be empathetic: we share stories, be compassionate, celebrate, acknowledge and help each other: together we can make this world greater." Kiran Patel, New Zealand #GlobalVoice