What I learned from Google, an employer embracing new models of working for Millennials


Google, a giant, a household name, what would our lives be without Google?  

Without even realizing it, the phrase “I’ll just Google it” has become commonplace.


But how many people have wondered how Google does what it does? And how many people have wanted to peer behind the closed doors of the workplace behind one of the world’s most used websites.


Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to do just that. Visit the massive Googleplex in Mountain View, California.



Comprising over 2 million square feet of office space (and growing) and housing around 22,000 workers the Googleplex is the headquarters of one of the most well known brands in the world.


Google is one company leading the way forward when it comes to employee welfare and creating a workplace that people actually want to work at. In addition to offering a competitive salary there are quite literally hundreds of other benefits that come from being an employee. Google understands that happy employees are more productive employees and does their best to ensure that their employees are happy. Below are just a few of the additional perks that are included in working for the tech giant:


- Free shuttle buses with high speed wifi pick up and drop off employees from across the Bay Area.


- 20 cafes across the campus serving every type of food you can think of (for free too!)

photo 2 (2)


- Snack bars in every part of the office, with every type of food and beverage you can think of. Unhealthy options are included, however are hidden behind frosted glass, and healthy options are in easy to view and reach places.


photo 3


- Free bootcamp and workout classes offered throughout the day.


- Basketball courts, baseball fields, and swimming pools across the campus.


- 1000s of bikes to get you around the campus quick and easily. These are on a first come first serve basis and are all over the campus.


- They even have a giant t-rex skeleton in the main building area!


No longer are millennial employees  accepting that they are just a drone working for companies. They demand that employees look after them and offer them perks to make their working life more enjoyable. We are finding time and time again that if Millennials are unsatisfied with a company they will move on to a place that can offer them a working lifestyle that they agree with.


If you are interested in how to make your workplace a more employee friendly environment we can help you. International Connector works with you to create strategies to engage your employees and to attract and retain millennial talent.


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