Tony Grimminck speaks at GLIMPSE Conference on social discovery


In June, I was featured on the panel on Using Data to Fuel Tomorrow’s Discovery Platforms at the recent Glimpse conference at The Battery in San Francisco. I was joined on the panel by Sarah Koo, Chief Scientist, BitTorrent; Ramona Pierson, Co-founder & CEO of Declara and Stew Langille, co-founder & CEO of Prior to the panel I was concerned that each of the panelists had very different business models and approaches and how we would find common ground, or at least a challenging discussion. What became quickly apparent was how through data collection and analysis we were all tailoring our approaches. Declara was a great example - founded in 2012,  Declara builds a technology platform that uses machine learning, search, algorithms and recommendations to develop specific learning paths for individuals, making learning a constant discovery. I was struck that these new ways of learning and approaching people as individuals was one of the great benefits of data and thus personalization. The ability to customize an experience for you personally based on the data that can be collected on you and on other people like you. Of course it’s a bit creepy…unless it provides some tangible benefit. Glimpse is a social discovery conference focused on the future of social discovery. Throughout the afternoon companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Rdio, Tumblr discussed how social discovery is powering their respective businesses and how they see the future unfolding.

- IC Connector Tony Grimminck