Millennial Consultants


We've listened carefully to companies talk about their confusion over the Millennial generation. After working with amazing talented Millennials worldwide, we decided it was time to create a way to bring the groups together. This week, we have launched a new program called the Millennial Catalysts. This unique program works with talented entrepreneurial change-makers from all over the globe in a virtual innovation think tank. Our group not only provides direct market insight as peer influencers of their generation, but also they work collaboratively to problem-solve challenges and to generate new ideas.

Our group of MILLENNIAL CATALYSTS are talented, ambitious, socially, economically, racially diverse. They are the social change-makers of their generation and they are globally connected, entrepreneurial and early adaptors of disruptive models and innovation. By opening up opportunities for them to utilize their skills, we can provide diversity of thought and a source for innovation to thrive.