SOCAP Presentation on Millennials


Yesterday Your Big Year Winner Martina Buchal and IC Chief Connector Marti Grimminck had the pleasure of speaking at SOCAP14 on Millennials and Meaning: Investing in the Next Generation of Global Leaders. They were joined on stage by Author Smiley Poswolsky, Echoing Green's Andrea Davila and StartingBloc's Cesar Gonzalez.   Overall, it was a fantastic panel with really touch questions from the crowd: How can you really move the needle on impact? How is education being impacted or where does it play a roll? How do Millennials fit into the workplace and how do they work with older colleagues? Where are the programs for intrapreneurs and not just entrepreneurs.

Our favorite answer of the day came from Marti Grimminck when someone asked what is the most important way to make impact with Millennials? "Get young Americans out of the US and show them the world."