International Connector at the Future of Working Conference



Last week International Connector had the honor of facilitating a workshop at the Future of Working Conference in San Francisco.


Chief Connector Marti Grimminck was joined by Millennial Catalysts Toby Jordan from New Zealand and Mahdi Hamdi from Tunisia in facilitating a session on Future Centred Design: Co-creating with Global Millennials. After spending a year virtually working together as Millennial Catalysts this was the first time the Toby and Mahdi had worked together face to face making this an extra exciting day for us.



Working with a room full of creative minds we first explored the attributes, opportunities and challenges of collaborating with millennials before we drafted our concepts for a new working model. We wanted to explore how businesses could better work with millennials and develop a model that would suit both the workers and the business. At the end of our session we all agreed to trial these concepts and see what would work and what doesn’t work for our businesses.


A full working document of concepts and next steps from the day is currently being produced and will be released soon to highlight the learnings from the day. We will be posting the link to this document as soon as it is live.


A huge thank you goes out to David and Tirza from Hummingbird Labs for organizing and involving International Connector in this interesting day and to Shannon from Vodafone Global Enterprise for hosting the day.