Representing the youth voice in the future of the internet

International Connector was honored to join an incredible line up at the second annual Connect To Thrive Conference held at Singularity University on March 24.  Pulling from insights of young innovators worldwide, Marti Grimminck and Amy Streckfus presented a new perspective and approach to incorporating youth strategy. 

Connect to Thrive was created to bring together the thought-leaders working globally to bring the internet to the next billion people worldwide.  When asked by the youth must play a strategic role in this process, Marti stated: "It is vital to have the youth voice as part of the design and development of any project, especially one that will impact billions of people worldwide. Millennials and GenZs are changing our future with their fast adoption of technology. How can we harness this incredible energy and rapid pace of innovation?" 

The event was organized by Mei Lin Fung, People Centered Internet - collaborator and mentor for International Connector.  The day included a jam-packed line up of incredible speakers and thought-leaders including: Adam Cheyer of Siri and Viv Labs, Dr. Jonathan Reicenthal - CIO of the City of Palo Alto, and Soma Stout MD MS - of 100Million Healthy Lives.