Re/freSH Virtual Event: Millennials in the Workplace


Now more than ever, market leaders need leading talent with 21st century skills.  

Yet every day, there are countless options for Millennials to find financial return outside of a traditional organizational structure. With Millennials choosing alternative paths or entrepreneurship, how can organizations attract and develop talent? What does retention look like with a generation that expects to have multiple jobs in their lifetime? How has global connectivity and cultural exchange played a major role in their mindset and success? What is the winning formula for organizations in the 21st century?


Join us for the ground-breaking virtual event Re/freSH: Millennials in the Workplace. An online event series inviting an open exchange of ideas between business and the next generation of leading talent.


Our focus for this event is on the value of international experience in a globally connected world brought to you by International Experience Canada.

  IEC Logo Live Virtual Panel: June 2, 2016 @ 12-1:30pm EDT

We have curated an unique and diverse group located globally to discuss, debate and exchange ideas live via virtual panel.



Moderator - Marti Grimminck (International Connector), USA

Host - Clark Goodman (International Experience Canada), Canada

Business Panelists: Clio Knowles (Virgin Hotels) John O'Toole (Manulife Private Wealth) Anne Robie (ebay/Stubhub) Kelly Max (Haufe Inc) Lydia Petrovic (We Travel) Kristin Engard (Global Advertising Professional) Sebastian Fanai-Danesh (AFEX) MarĂ­lia Menezes Marques (Tenaris) Rajesh Rani (The Amani Institute) Caroline Zuleta (Be Liv)

Next Gen Talent Panelists: Samir Goel (Linkedin / Transfernation) Ioanna Fotopoulu, Impact Hub Athens Vanessa Iman, StudentUniverse Shaharil Makol Abdul, Yamstreet Maximillian Seunik, Innovations for Poverty Action Lida-Maria Lottko, Consultant / BECAUSE Martina Buchal, Speaker/Coach Cris Robertson, WiderPool Hellem Pedroso, International Connector

  Topic: - In our globally connected world, how are international experiences valued? - Millennials + the Workplace: What are they seeking from each other?

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Virtual Think Tank June 2-4, 2016

International Connector creates a virtual space for ideation, debate and discussion. Open ideation and design between businesses and global Millennial talent


Participants: 25 Millennials in 20 countries and business leaders.


Topic: - Open ideation and design between businesses and global Millennial talent - Co-designing of 21st century skills set - Discuss how international experiences impact the professional environment


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