Peter Jorden key note at Australian Youth Travel Conference in Sydney


Earlier this year, at the invitation of the Australia Tourism Export Council, IC Connector Peter Jordan was invited to open the 2014 Australian Youth Travel Conference in Sydney, becoming the youngest-ever keynote speaker to address the conference. Reflecting on his own experience as a backpacker in Australia, Peter posed the delegates some tough questions on the Australian youth travel industry’s ability to remain attractive to Millennial travellers, especially those from the emerging markets. “Australia has an enormous wealth of geographical wonders, cultural heritage and a reputation for high standards in serving young visitors from overseas” Peter told the conference. “However all of these elements require hard work, and commitment and investment which the Australian youth travel industry can only attain through strong partnerships and constant dialogue”.

During the course of the two-day conference held at Sydney’s Pullman Hotel Hyde Park, Peter also presented findings from the report he has recently completed on young outbound travelers from Asia for the Pacific Asia Travel Association. During 2013 China overtook the United Kingdom as Australia’s biggest inbound youth market, highlighting the importance of a range of Asian markets for education and leisure visits to Australia.