Ondemand Disrupts Tourism


It’s not new news that the face of the tourism, travel and hospitality industries are changing due to technological advancements, global connectivity and a generation ready to embrace it.  But let's break this down. Tourism is already being transformed by:  (1) The emerging new traveler,  (2) The excess capacity market (i.e. open rooms, seats), and  (3) A mentality of "can I get it now" (on my mobile).    The convergence of these three factors is where the next wave of disruption is already revolutionizing the tourism industry.   Why not take a last minute trip when I know I can get a top rated, amazing place to stay today on HotelTonight?   Why worry about missing my favorite event when I can get better tickets on the day through Stubhub?  GetAround, DogVacay, Outdoorsy... the list goes on and on. Yet, the list stops in certain key areas of the industry like air flights and tours.   A lot of travel planning doesn't consider the effects of this new traveler with short attention span and a desire for spontaneity. With a 47% increase in travel by today's youth (UNWTO), it’s time to understand early adopter preferences and their thoughts.   The new traveler has emerged with preferences and needs that are fluid due to constant new influences. Whether it is Airbnb disrupting the hotel industry or Uber innovating ground transport, traditional formats of business are being challenged each day.   There is one lesson that can be applied from the sharing-economy: If you don’t provide it, some one else will and your business will quickly become irrelevant.   Find the opportunity for your business a leader in the new economy.