Millennials, GenZs and the Marketplace


What do you do in a day?   

You make coffee from a Nespresso, hop an Uber to a presentation at a co-working space.  On route, you log onto Google Hangouts for your first meeting of the day. When it’s over you order your groceries on Instacart, listen to music on Spotify to get psyched for the concert tonight that your mate just bought tickets for on Stubhub.  While you pay them back on Venmo, you post your latest pose on Instagram.  Inspired by your friend’s photos, you Snapchat your partner that you just booked a weekend getaway on HotelTonight and ask them to book a GetAround car for the trip…oh, and don’t forget to make a reservation on OpenTable for Sat night.


And this is only the tip of the iceberg.  We have adopted many of these practices into our daily lives, yet we still think our workplace is so sacred that it is business as usual.


At Intl Connector, we ask, what is the next disruption?


On Sunday, the NY Times article highlighted the differences between Millennials and Generation Z pointing towards digital as being the primary source of the differences.  As we have seen through our work, the youth today are not slowing down.  The differences in their perspective, needs, wants are further skewed from Boomers, from Gen Xers.  They are globally connected, they are socially conscious in a new way.


Having had a long career in marketing and creating new products, I am often looked upon to come up with the great new idea.  I strive to be a good trend surfer, but yet, Ideas are changing each day… literally each day, and it is accelerating.   I’ve learned three important rules from campaigns towards youth that have run soft:

1. As soon as a survey is finished, it is stale and out of date - Research will always have its place, but it can no longer stand alone. Youth are changing the rules too fast and you need to find new ways to stay on top of their preferences. This doesn't mean that you should react to each new trend.  This means you need to talk to them along the way.

2. If you are too comfortable using your box of tools, you are clearly behind - Every time I rely on the same outreach tools, I find that I'm no longer reaching youth.  As the preferences and references change, so must the marketing.

3. Effective ideas are not formulated in isolation in an office - Creatives and strategist have always relied on research and opinions to create their ideas.  Youth today are globally connected and influenced by ideas worldwide.  In order to create an effective campaign, product, or idea in these moving times, you need to draw from all the same influences.


So why do I search the world for incredible talent, disrupters and critical thinkers?  I need these Millennials, these GenZs in the conversation with me every day to ideate, to co-design, to solve that pressing challenge.  Most importantly, I need their perspective – it’s collectively unique and it’s never what I guess it will be.  With the global team of Catalysts, I’m ready for the shifts, the fluidity of business today and the ever-changing landscape.


Are you?