Future Foods Project


Are you 17-19 years old and have a connection to FOOD?  

Do you care about food? Do you like to eat a special food from your country? Do you grow food? Or work in a Food Store? Has food affected your health? Is it something that you have a hard time accessing? Is food part of how you celebrate? Are you on a special diet?


Institute for the Future and International Connector

have teamed up to seek a global group of youth

to participate in a virtual think tank:


- Share your personal stories from your part of the world about food

- Meet an exceptionally talented group of peers globally

- Interact with professionals at both Institute for the Future and International Connector

- And get paid for participation!


To apply, please email info@internationalconnector.com:

(a) Name, (b) Nationality, (c) Age, (d) Mobile and Skype information, (e) your story about why you are connected to food.

We are taking entries now through May 10, 2016   What is it?   We create a visual virtual space for you to answer a few questions, share your stories and feelings towards food and to read other responses of peers worldwide.  You can debate, challenge, provoke, agree, share, highlight, draw, add photos, videos - all in response to the questions provided.   The Think Tank space is open from May 18-May 22.  It is always open and your job will be to visit the think tank 3 times over those days.  Read and respond to the debate that you see online.  Meet with your fellow team via our private Facebook group. Join a "kick-off" meeting with video with International Connector and Institute for the Future team.   Requirements:

- Internet Access

- Self-motivation  

San Francisco Program Director: Marti Grimminck, info@internationalconnector.com   About International Connector Based in San Francisco, International Connector works with innovative high-aspiring youth worldwide and helps organizations navigate the change in business and preferences stemming from the next generations.  Through programs like the Millennial Catalysts and Your Big Year, we are a launchpad for talented youth to develop professional skills for creating change in their home communities.