Athens Millennial Tourism Think Tank


International Connector is just wrapping up after two monumental days in Athens. What a city! We fell in love with this complex, gritty, passionate and historically elegant city. We were here to run a millennial tourism think tank and now we never want to leave.

In conjunction with Athens Development and Destination Management Agency, Marti Grimminck and Jonathon Bates ran a millennial tourism think tank at Travel Trade Athens (Photos). We had the pleasure of bringing in some great travel thought-leaders from Europe/UK, as well as some passionate and driven young Athenian entrepreneurs including IC Catalyst Giorgos Vareloglou (Mindworks Interactive).  

Thank you Steve Lowy (Umi Digital), Kerry Tate (Topdeck Travel), Laurent Steiner (Bamba Experience), Dan Baker (StudentUniverse), Christopher Bates (Hall St), Katrin Schmidt (Airbnb), Alex Trimis (Dopios), Antonios Fiorakis (Incrediblue), Akis Laopodis (Offerial), Nikos Kakavoulis (Daily Secret), Kim Willis, Judith Baker, Peter Jordan (Gen C Traveller).

Special thanks to - Manolis Psarros and Daisy Modiano (Aboutourism), Alex Galinos (ADDMA) and Georgia Nikolakopoulou (Travel Trade Athens).