Launching Innovative Resilience

Innovative Resilience, a new initiative of International Connector, is creating a new paradigm to the future of millions and stimulating sustainable economic recovery. Our agile and responsive framework and tool kit accelerates the road to community resilience through the 3 phases of Disaster Recovery. 

Although the wildfires in Sonoma are over, the long-term economic implications and the instability that it has created for many, continues to grow.  On February 23, we visited the Sonoma office of 10,000 Degrees - a nonprofit helping students from low-income backgrounds in San Francisco's North Bay get to and through college. There local community has 500 students (high school and college) impacted by the fires. 


In their bright, welcoming collaborative workspace set up for students, we launched initial dream board questions to start the conversation - What can YOU do to help Sonoma?  Over the next few weeks the youth who come to use the space will have an opportunity to participate in the interactive discussion.  On May 4, we will be back to run a Dream Workshop with a larger community and to kickstart their ideas on what should be happening in Sonoma.

With some of the most innovative and globally renown companies headquartered in neighboring San Francisco, we can turn horrendous situation into a community-led opportunity.