Hivery We Rise scholarship semi-finalist

"I'm honored, proud, (and SUPER) excited to be a 2017 Hivery We Rise scholarship semi-finalist!!" -Marti Grimminck

Congratulations to our CEO & Founder Marti Wigder Grimminck for becoming a 2017 Hivery We Rise Scholarship Semi-Finalist. Thank you The Hivery for recognizing the importance of youth empowerment! #youthledinnovation#ConnectGloballyChangeLocally 

This is a program supporting those who work toward equal treatment of human beings regardless of gender, race, beliefs, age, income, or sexual orientation and I'd like to add to that: regardless of where they were born and where they live. 

Every day I get to work with the most talented youth worldwide regardless of their background. They are innovating and changing our world for the better. #youthledinnovation #ICGlobal 

Big thank you to The Hivery for the recognition. I've been so inspired to be in a community of talented women supporting other talented women. The Hivery's co-working space and initiative for women is transforming the way we support and inspire women to make an impact. Learn more and join me at The Hivery at or follow The Hiveryand #womendoingcoolstuff