Introducing Our New Hires: Get To Know Our Team


As our company needs are growing, we are expanding our team to exceed clients expectations. 

Please welcome Susan Director of Business Development, who has a fantastic strategy and skill to showcase the importance of our youth and their global perspective.

What is a piece of valuable advice you've learned through experience in your career?

A valuable lesson I've learned through my career is that change is inevitable and the longer I resist or try to avoid it (whether innovation, reorganization or economic), the more difficult it will become.  Now in those transition moments, I look for the opportunity; what will be the benefit of moving with the tide, with the new reality? Not only are the results more rewarding, the process feels easier and way more powerful.

Introducing Amy, Operations Director. Amy was born and raised in the Bay area, traveled to the south for school,  and returned home to explore the city of San Francisco. She is excited to share her ideas to help expand our company and eager to meet individuals that have an experience to share. 

What attracted you to IC?

After meeting Marti and discussing the power of a global connected world, I knew I was joining a movement that was bigger than the day to day hustle of San Francisco. Engaging with youth all over the world that have a passion for making a difference inspires me to explore potential areas where they can let their work showcase their talents. They define what it is to make our world a place that is filled with genuine intention.  Each day I learn something new and make connections that demonstrate our world is not as large as one might think.

Meet Julia Community Manager.  She is studying for the semester at Berkeley from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Julia joined our team to help guide the community of global catalysts. She loves traveling and volunteering to support her passion of incorporating social good .

What is a goal you’re looking to accomplish this year?

Two and a half years ago I decided that I wanted to be part of an exchange program during my undergraduate studies in Brazil. My application process took over a year, but in October 2015 I got accepted to be part of a one year exchange at UC Berkeley for 2016. Soon after I arrived I realized how big of a challenge living abroad as a college student would be, so for a long time my focus was on surviving and adapting to this entirely new environment. But now that I’ve been living this experience for 09 months I feel like I can finally embrace it to the fullest. That’s why my goal for this year is deepening my friendships and connections while abroad. I’m finally able to live this moment wholeheartedly even though I’ll soon need to accept the longing of having to leave this wonderful experience behind in order to step deeper and more aware into my future.

Introducing Lydia , Partnerships & Development Director for YBY, whose passion for travel and building relationships comes naturally. 

What is your favorite aspect of YBY? 

I love that the youth participating really live and breathe the spirit of collaboration. It's inspiring to see all these young people working on projects together, lifting each other up, solving big problems. It's one of the only reasons I'm not disillusioned to completion in Silicon Valley!


PS. Are you wondering what YBY is??

We are now underway for the Your Big Year 4 Talent Competition for Social Impact!