Having "Millennial issues" in the workplace?

You’re not alone and nor is it only happening in the US.  What Millennials want in the workplace continues to be both a mystery and a source of frustration for many managers, especially in traditionally structured organizations.  

For the last two years, International Connector has been working with and talking to high-aspiring, self-motivated youth “catalysts” worldwide.  We looked at these Millennial catalysts in 50 countries and found consistent trends in the desires of 20-30 year olds, especially around what they are seeking in the workplace today.


6 Top Trends Shared Worldwide by Millennials in the Workplace:

1.     Authenticity

In the “Millennial-driven” world, there is a strong desire to have the workplace be much more personal and human. Employees desire their leaders throughout the organization to be open and transparent.

“One of the main aspects that would draw me into a company and make me want to stay is how management relates to their employees. Do I have a voice/is my voice being heard?” Millennial Catalyst, USA

“You can’t simply come up with a plan for the employees to engage with. You first need to make sure they know what it is about, feel excited about it and that it fits on their priorities.” Millennial Catalyst, Israel


2.     Redefining Retention

Millennials today are staying for a shorter period of time at organizations. They are comfortable leaving their jobs to pursue other opportunities. Instead of fighting an uphill battle chasing talent, companies need to find a way to celebrate this trend and utilize the benefits of it.  

“Having one job or one passion that drives you forward for the rest of your life: I believe that our generation is changing to one that no longer just has one job for 30+ years, but rather many jobs in 5 year 'chunks.’” Millennial Catalyst, Canada

“If I go into a large corporation, I expect to leave in a three-year time once I get experience.” Millennial Catalyst, Taiwan


3.     Leaders on All Levels

An inflexible vertical structure of the workplace nor longer resonates with the Millennial generation.  This is a generation that wants more opportunity to drive the company forward.  From their perspective, they love having leaders on all levels.   

“I want to work in a flat structure organization where I get to sit at the board table and determine the overall strategic direction of the company especially when it comes to reaching out to Millennials, sustainability and exponential technologies.” Millennial Catalyst, New Zealand

“Often a top-down culture shift, and can be achieved (somewhat) through companies changing their mandates to become more open for collaboration - fewer independent projects, and fewer stringent expectations.”  Millennial Catalyst, Canada


4.     Social Good at the Core of the Business

Employees today want value and importance in their work activities. This is not a typical Corporate Social Responsibility, but social good at the core of the business.  Millennials find the job intrinsically motivating when it has a true authentic social impact mission.

“I want to work for a purpose driven organization - to believe in the holistic goal, direction, and purpose of the Organization is what will make me stay. To consistently play a part in the goal and purpose will make me want to stay and contribute more to the organization.” Millennial Catalyst, Malaysia


5.     Flexibility/ Work Life Balance

Millennials translate work life balance as a respect for personal life while maintaining a supportive and stimulating work environment.  They are turning away from companies and leaders that cannot provide space for their personal endeavors or personal matters.  

“It's not that I don't want to follow an outline or a structure, but just that life happens-you hire people whose lives also go on outside of the job - and that reality needs to be respected in order for me to be good at task.” Millennial Catalyst, South Africa               

“A company needs to understand that we do not live to work, but rather work to live. Work/life balance is absolutely crucial to enjoying any job in any company. Having that hour long break to go to group yoga, a themed lunch hour, structured time where employers can appreciate their company not for the money they make, but for the environment they instill.” Millennial Catalyst, Australia


6. Personal Growth Opportunities

Millennials seek organizations where they can grow their professional skill sets and find engagement in their tasks. This is not your typical learning and development program, but rather, a holistic program that includes coaching, mentoring and feedback.   

“I want a mentor who develops not only myself as a person and professional, but helps me build my career and my plan.” Millennial Catalyst, Brazil  

“I want a strong personal development program, beyond off-sites and online training, rather a dedicated mentor, tailored personal development opportunities to the things I want to achieve within the company but also beyond this company.” Millennial Catalyst, Germany

These trends are not fleeting.  These are new requirements that ultimately promise to upturn and disrupt many traditional organizational structures.  Yet, most Millennials are waiting, ready to offer solutions.  


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