Susan Visits Dubai






In November, Susan Maravetz traveled to Dubai to speak at the HR Summit and Expo 2016.  In an engaging and enlightening session, Susan spoke to an international audience about Millennials and the Future of Your Business.





During an informal poll, Susan discovered her audience was comprised of 25% Millennials and 50% of the attendees work with Millennials. Surprisingly, although only 5% of the audience believed they understand what Millennials want in the workplace; no one had a HR strategy in place to address the large influx of Millennials entering the workforce. 

During the remainder of the presentation, Susan provided insights into what Millennials are looking for in the workplace and specific tips that companies can take to begin leveraging their Millennial employees.






In addition to participating in the conference, Susan was invited to join the Business Breakfast radio show on the Dubai Eye 103.8. During her interview, she explained that Millennials are an untapped resource that organizations should consider in their business planning and HR strategy.




Overall, Dubai did not disappoint. It is a truly international and expansive city; the HR professionals Susan met at the conference and while visiting the city, were welcoming and receptive to new ideas and further engagement with International Connector.

We look forward to returning to Dubai in short order!