Millennial Insights on the Presidential Election: Before & After

Within the last week, we asked our Millennials to engage with each other in order to discuss the importance of what were all witnessing.  Below are a collection of responses from our global that together represent over 50 countries. 

what our Global Catalysts have to say:

Disclaimer: Not all our millennials are from the US...but all believe this will affect our global relationships



"Voting is a right ... Don't miss out !! #MakeTheChange #VoteAnyway "

"I think this election shows the power neoliberalism and financial capitalism play in people's minds, encompassing the assumption that a businessman can run a country if he can run a business. That's a very dangerous idea - the one that businesses and capital should be responsible for solving everything that's going wrong in the world - and the US election showcases that in a terrifying way."

"This election will have a huge effect in the world not only economically but emotionally. We should not be judged because of our race, our beliefs or our gender preference. We can't let those irrational arguments to divide us because we are stronger than one thought and believe it or not UNITED we could be stronger than the president itself. I believe in democracy and in the voice of the people and today I also decided to believe in educated Americans that are also part of the government. I believe in America and I believe in "We The People..."

"I wonder what is democracy actually. Of the people, by the people, and for the people... Really? Biggest power game going on there. " 

"There are so many brilliant and talented minds in the US. How did we end up with these two as the best options to represent the American people? "

" It is just nonsense and irrational to think that the United States will be able to be well represented if these two candidates make nasty campaigns to destroy each other. They have to be disrespectful and destructive in order to succeed. "

" $6.6 BI dollars spent in this election, for two candidates that have been proven right and left to be both terrifying options in different ways. Definitely shows the weakness of democracy in the US, and why it's such financial and social disaster as a country, even when having so much brilliance and value within itself. I feel very sorry for Americans and for the world today. May we learn that this game of power is so upside down. "

"I'm scared about the US election, I'm scared that the result will be similar to BritExit! I wish I had a voice, I wish I had a voice - please America choose the right candidate. Your decision will not only affect your country but the entire world."





"What. is. happening."


"I am sick to my stomach."


"Can't believe these results! It's frustrating! "


"You had one job, America."



"Having to cope with a man who represents so much that is wrong with the world regarding inclusion, tolerance, globalization, the environment and social understanding of the repercussions his voice has and its ability to trickle down into our communities and voices around us. My 13 year old sister and her classmates, and the rest of American children do not deserve a presidential role model who plays with fire and spreads hateful, careless rhetoric."

"I'd like to call attention to the diversity of people in this country, and that there are many layers of complexities in this society as well as in yesterday's results. That's why I would like us also to reflect and acknowledge what are the shapes and forms privilege takes in our own countries, and in what categories we are privileged and what we are not. please reflect on what is the struggle of the minorities in your countries, and what you can do to fight against the systems and dynamics that privilege some and oppress others."

"I know all we can do is move forward and bring the positive movements we now need more than ever, but I am genuinely devastated in the state/decision of our country and the mindset it has now officially accepted to represent us."

"I can't help but wonder what are these voices telling? Is there a cause that is not being heard? What is the pattern telling and what is causing it? These questions make me wonder who are the teachers and the students in all of this. Being right or wrong is really what's going to solve everything, or is it the very thing that's setting us apart? "

"The next industry to be disrupted has been the establishment corporate government. yikes."

"Channel this anger into momentum. Get involved in public affairs. Get involved in your communities. Meet Trump supporters. Listen to them. Understand them. Don't give up. The pendulum swings both ways. History is long."

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