Millennial Insights on The Presidential Debate

what our Global Catalysts have to say:

During the first presidential election debate we asked our Millennials to engage with each other in order to discuss the importance of what they were witnessing. Below are a collection of responses from our global group.

Disclaimer: Not all our millennials are from the US

...but all believe this will affect our global relationships

“As an outsider, I still can't understand why Trump is even chosen to fight for election.

"Yeah Hillary is debatable, contradictory like many Nepali politician but Trump is freaking scary.”

Everyone acknowledged the importance of getting out there and voting

“your decision can endanger the entire world”

“If you don't support Trump, not voting for Hillary (either by not voting at all or by voting for other parties) comes from a position of privilege from american millennials.  

"The US is the most powerful country in the world and having the possibility of making a person like trump your president doesn't only affect you, it affects the entire world in relation to human rights and nuclear relations.”

“Neoliberalism scares me but fascism scares me more”

“I'm not a Trump supporter, I'm just not a Hillary supporter either”

...yet many were not amused by the debate:

“ It was hardly a debate, if you had to choose a winner it would be her for sure. Like you said it was more like prime time television for entertainment value.”

“Basically there's a rich guy with no political experience that just wants to be president, and then there's this lady who's pretty much spent her whole life in politics rightfully claiming her chance. So, it was never really going to turn out to be much of a debate when they're not on the same level. For me, it was just television.”

"But to be fair, when you're "debating" against someone like Trump, you're probably going to have to pull out much more of a talk-talk strategy."

“Trump is a horrible clown put right there to make Hillary look good. Sad to see such powerful nation watching a disaster like this, accepting that those are the two only options..”

Fear tactic has instilled a personal doubt:

"I  find them both dangerous to the world, Trump with his brash, egomaniacal attitude, and She has proven war is an option she has no problem voting for."

"The thing I've found fascinating is that Trump's post-modern relationship with the truth is eerily similar to the strategy put in place by Putin's communications man, Vladislav Surkov, i.e. a deliberate muddying of the water to the point where truth becomes a relative concept."

"National politics have yet to create any notable impact on my life, it's just not high on my priority list. State politics are still a mess, but might be worth dealing with. This perspective is likely in part because I usually live in a pretty small circle. I think of my life in neighborhoods and cities rather than states or countries. And local solutions will inherently be much better adapted to the local problems than a "solution" (stopgap) pushed down from a national level."