Building Australian Women Leaders
with Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Women leaders are the most untapped competitive edge for the future global world. 
While women have made great strides in the workplace, inequality in the gender achievement gap still persists. 

Now is the time to develop the future talent within your organization.

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The Program

10 promising young women will be awarded with a global leadership development scholarship to come to San Francisco in
December 2018. Focusing on diversity and gender equality in the workplace, our program will provide an immersive forum to
(a) develop 21st century skill sets needed to be a strong leader, (b) mentorship from a professional Australian women and
(c) access to the innovation network in San Francisco.

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Education Week in
San Francisco

Our program will culminate in a unique game-changing week-long education session run by leaders in different industries, including some of the most innovative companies in the world launched and headquartered right here in San Francisco/Silicon Valley.



Group Social Challenge

Our participants will be given a group project based on a social impact challenge that impacts cities in Australia, as well as San Francisco. The group will work together virtually in October and November over a two month period to deliver a plan of action. The project will be guided through a series of prep workshops that deliver collaboration, creative design and implementation skills.  The workshops in San Francisco will further support the development of this idea and ultimately, the group will present their solution to officials in San Francisco. The collaborative project allows the group to dive into a real world problem and to learn important collaboration skills. 


The Mentee becomes the Mentor

The participants of the program will return to their organization and will be responsible to hold 3 sessions, workshops or events with their peers to bring the new insights back to the organization and foster a community of emerging women leaders. We will continue to support them through our network of professionals.  



Our Mentors in San Francisco are a dynamic group of senior change-makers women from Australia, who are working in the United States — successful leaders of public and private firms, including: business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate officers, and nonprofit executives.

Sarah Nicols - Ogletree Deakins
Maxine Minter - Stanford
Amy Meyer -  Censia
Christine Hawkins - HP
Dr. Roslyn Hendriks - C-Suite Corporate
Sally Dominguez - Adventurous Thinking
Mei Lin Fung - People Centered Internet

Frances van Ruth - Australian Consul & Trade Commissioner
Jane Sloane - Asia Foundation
Jackie Yuen - Constellation Brands
Sue-Ellen Speight - INTL FCStone
Andra Kay - Silicon Valley Robotics
Jean Hayden - Google
Sarah Earhorne - Insightly

(Partial List) 



Our young women scholarship winners will come with a variety of interests and goals. They share the aspiration to understand our
global world and would benefit from professional mentorship and an international education experience.


The Curriculum

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Our Workshop

San Francisco, December 5-12, 2018

For the week in San Francisco / Silicon Valley, we design a comprehensive unique curriculum for women.
Our sessions and workshops are run by leaders in different industries.

Innovation Tool set
How to be a Woman in a male dominated IT culture
Leading with head and heart
Beyond design thinking - creative processes
Scaling game-changing ideas
Pitching for financial support
Media training
Story telling
Impact and social good



Why Be Involved?

● Build student and business network globally
● Empowerment of young women leaders
● Build diversity in leadership
● Forge new pathways to bring global skills, experience and knowledge back to the University
● Create social impact programs
● Marketing opportunity to attract prospective students
● Recognized leader in innovation
● Create networks for employability



Each Scholarship Awarded to an aspiring female leader is approx US$10,000 per participant. This cost includes Accommodation, Meals, Transportation, Workshops, Networking, Mentorship Platform, Curriculum

Sponsorship includes:
- Opportunity for your emerging talent to participate in this mentorship and week-long education program
- Opportunity for staff and alumni to participate as a Mentor and in the network of women
- Marketing and communications as a supporter of developing gender equity in leadership
- Opportunity for staff and alumni to participate in workshops in San Francisco and in Australia
Specific packages can be customized.

Sponsorship Packages

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Contact Us:

Marti Grimminck, International Connector
Dawn Lillington, Australian American Chamber of Commerce

Our program is an initiative of Women’s Campaign International 501c3