co-design with the next generation

As technological advancements have made our world globally connected and as mobile continues to become the device of choice, we are able in an instant to connect to far-reaching parts of the globe anytime, from anywhere. With all this access, consumers today are being influenced worldwide and their preferences can turn from a simple tweet. 

How do you remain relevant and impactful with consumers and employees of today?

Loyalty is earned through connection and socially impactful conversations.  Brands need to stand for something – have purpose, have creativity, have impact. 

Even with 20 years of creating products and designing brand experiences for younger generations, our founder Marti Grimminck has thrown out all the usual tools.  She developed an interactive co-designing framework that includes Millennials in the process.  We reach out globally across our network of youth innovators in 190 countries to tap into their ideas and insights to develop unique, authentic brand experiences for our clients. 


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Creating impactful, relevant brands

Clients come to us when they hit stagnation or when they want to reinvent themselves with authenticity, relevance and impact.  Or when they want to become a leader with the Millennial generation and have hit the wall with their current efforts.  

We bring Insights and Action transforming management’s perspective on their strategic roadmap, identifying the gaps or the stagnation points and reimaging action-steps forward. We reframe the challenge and invigorate your brand. 



Millennials/GenZs - that key 16-30 year old demographic

Industry today is playing catch-up with Millennials, a generation comfortable with disrupting the norm. Millennials are highly connected, technologically advanced and globally conscious. They are rapidly changing the way we think about the workplace as we know it, and by 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce. (Deloitte).

Millennials are the first digital natives - i.e. they are the first to grow up on technology.  Tis has created a fundamental difference in the way that they approach the world as compared to older generations.  This 24/7 connected generation is highly open to new formats in products and services - but the way in which these are consumed, experienced and shared with their online and offline community means that mobilizing this age group calls for targeted products, strong technology, new business models and plans that draw on the creativity and connectivity of people worldwide.  

As change accelerates, how will your company remain relevant to these emerging generations?



From Board Rooms to Global Stages, International Connector has been speaking about the trends of the emerging generation and
transforming leadership to "think differently" as they prepare to engage with younger generations of employees and consumers.




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