The Future Workforce with Millennials and GenZs is an interactive Workshop. 

With guided discussion, Intl Connector facilitates teams through a transformative session to reimagine solutions for the future of your company and for the future of your workforce.

Uniquely, Intl Connector includes a small diverse group of Millennial and GenZs to virtually participate in the workshop adding to the authentic voice. 

Within the session, the team has open dialogue leading to an assessment and discovery of your companies’ current needs. Ultimately, within the workforce, we create tailored action-items for your next steps.  

  • We customize each session to meet your needs and goals.
  • Interactive engagements for leadership meetings, full department conferences, and key note speeches to entire companies.
  • Post-workshop company will receive a report on the discussion, findings and action-steps

Our interactive workshops provide:


Insights and education about 

how millennials are impacting 

your business.

Open dialogue and 

discovery with your team.

Action steps tailored to create 

a culture of innovation in

 your company.


Duke future of work event Jan 2018.jpg
Marti did an outstanding job. She had the crowd in her hands.
— DisruptHR San Francisco
The delivery style was engaging, informative and reflective of the presentation!
— Student Youth Travel Association
Most collaborative session I have attended!
— CERC Canada
It was the best session I attended at the conference. Transformed my thinking.
— Dubai HR Expo


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