Millennials preferences change overnight,  leaving traditional research tools obsolete.. 


Insights from Millennials Worldwide

We tap into our network of Millennials / GenZs around the world and curate global groups providing insights, ideas, and solutions.  Whether you need a quick turn-around for a pitch/meeting or you want an interactive experience working with innovative youth globally, we have formats and solutions that have been designed for the Millennial generation.


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The Human Side of Research

Through our visual and interactive process, we uncovered rich personal stories and perspectives from around the world bringing to life the data and stats.  For the Institute for the Future, Intl Connector brought together 17-20 year olds from 30+ countries through our unique global virtual think tanks to provide Gen Z and Millennial insights into mega trends for the Ten-year Forecast and Future of Food.  In addition, youth virtually attended their annual retreat on movable technology to work directly with clients.




More than a Focus Group

Innovation does not happen in isolation and true innovation happens through a diversity of perspectives.  Our research brings more than a traditional focus group. We bring together groups virtually to ideate and problem-solve.  Our formats of virtual think tanks, 48-hour pulses, live virtual panels all bring together Millennials / GenZs from 30, 40, 50+ countries and they are designed to be interactive, technologically driven, creative and highlight the priceless value of collaborative forums.


We've developed research like you have never seen before...

  • Global Virtual Interactive Forums

  • Creative Development & Testing

  • Product Development & Testing

  • 48 Hour Millennial Insights


This is far more than a survey can produce and far richer than a focus group.


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