With Millennials leaving organizations at seemingly alarming rates and new structures of work emerging, we are redesigning what it means to work today. 

External Perspective & Insights

Our global Millennial think tanks give you an injection of insights on what young talent think about your organization, and solutions on what youth want today, how to attract them, how to navigate them.

For Stubhub, we created a "youth lens" looking at how youth react to their company culture. Time and time again, organizations are stunned by the feedback and the urgency to develop a workplace structure for the new employee of today.


Re-imagining the Workplace

Big changes are not easy to consider or to imagine. Intl Connector runs customized interactive workshops for senior leadership to educate them on the effect of Millennials / GenZs on their business.  One Head of Talent remarked, " A saw his perspective [Senior Leadership] change in the workshop."

The workshop brings a fresh perspective for these leaders to experience a new way of thinking and working beyond their day to day corporate structure.  In addition, it provides a co-designed action plan. The workshop includes a pulse with Millennials around the world to benchmark their perspective on your organization providing valuable unfiltered insights.



Create and Test New Ideas

Our global Millennial think tank provides a safe place to design, test and improve a new workplace plan before your organization makes a significant investment.  Our on-demand team works as a trusted extension for leadership to develop their strategy.



Intl Experience in Today’s Connected Workplace


Most Millennials believe that international experience has already been essential in their career development and that they expect to have more in their career progression. Yet, Most of the professionals stated that their international experience had not been recognized in their work. In partnership Government of Canada (International Experience Canada Program), International Connector, recently completed an innovative online event to explore the value, impact and barriers surrounding international exchange and its relevance to the connected workplace.  

Re/fresh Workplace Event had participation of 26 Millennial youth and 21 Professionals all representing perspectives and experiences stemming from Canada and 28 other countries and included both a live stream town hall and a virtual interactive think tank.

We create an unique framework to develop solutions for:




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