Millennials/GenZs require new innovative approaches in order to attract their attention.  We develop customized interactive experiences to engage the consumer of today.


Attracting the Millennial Traveler

ITB Berlin has hailed Intl Connector for treading a new path in tourism today.  For the city of Athens, Intl Connector teamed with the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency to develop a both new approach ensuring that the city could continue to excite and enchant a new generation of visitors to help with the economic uncertainty.  

Working virtually with youth from 40 countries, Intl Connector uncovered valuable insights on what would attract these influencers to travel to Greece this year. The insights were utilized in an interactive forum in Athens that brought together stakeholders including the Greek Government, european youth travel providers, UK media, and local Millennial entrepreneurs.   Not only were new private-public partnerships formed, but products, press and an actionable strategic framework were developed.

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Your Big Year Talent Competition for Social Innovation

By utilizing technology and a peer-to-peer global network, we identify and empower thousands of promising Millennials worldwide to bring innovative ideas and solutions to their local communities.  In our three successful runs, Your Big Year activates over 100,000 Millennials in 190 countries.  “Your Big Year is the event of our time - inspiring and invigorating” - Liza Vadnai, MTV Act   



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