Millennial Workplace Trends Revealed - ITB Berlin

Millennial Workplace Trends Revealed - ITB Berlin

“For years, marketing headlines have been aimed at Millennials in an effort to attract fast- paced digital natives. Companies have fully embraced the connected traveller who uses new technologies, including sharing- economy apps. However, this focus on the consumer is not enough; not only has the consumer evolved, but the workforce has as well..."

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The Culture Conference

We were honored to participate in the groundbreaking Culture Conference. It was an unique two-day forum full of energy and excitement. In fact, Marti Grimminck remarked that it was one of the best conferences she has ever attended.  

Back in partnership, Marti teamed up with the wonderful Adam Smiley Poswalsky to present a panel discussing the Future Workforce - Millennials. Click here to watch their presentation.